Friday, June 11, 2010

Pop-Start-Day 39- The Beatles

Tomorrow I am planning a one day trip to the home of my youth. Strawberry Point, Iowa. Strawberry Days Festival is going to be underway starting tonight. I haven't been back for the festival for, oh wow 16 years or so. I am holding back and not going until tomorrow as my liver can't handle 2 days of the beer that is inevitably a part of this weekend. There is more than boozing it up that occurs, however. There is a VFW breakfast that my Dad works at yearly. It is pretty good as I remember and we should always support our veterans of war. There is, of course, the parade and the strawberries and ice cream. Yes, I grew up in Mayberry. I have to say I am proud of it too. There are worse places to be than a town full of people who would give you the shirt off their backs. Now don't get me wrong there is plenty of the he said-she said- he did-SHE DIDN'T stuff but for the most part this a was an amazing place to grow up and a great place to go back and visit.

A friend of mine from my Chicago days often sang Strawberry fields forever... whenever I walked in the room. It always made me smile, I have to say.