Friday, February 3, 2012

Ani DiFranco: She's Back And She's Ready To Roar

She's alive! Ani!!! Ani DiFranco, who has been known as one of the more powerful artistic voices for a generation of now 30 to 40 something women and (secure)men, is back! The release of her recent album, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?, has critics unlocking their heavily furrowed brows. She has had a less-than-stellar reception of most of her post 90's work up until now but that didn't stop her. Thankfully, Ani has something to say and a voice that people like to hear saying whatever that may be at present.

After spending a good portion of the last hour avoiding any work and listening to Ani's album I have to say I give it a huge....YES!

To read and hear more check out NPR's report on Ani DiFranco's new album:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse

It's just sad. Period.

"You could see that coming a mile away" seems to be the quote of the week since 27-year-old Amy Winehouse's death. True enough, I guess, but isn't that just a shame? Why do so many people's hearts seem to be so cold about it? Do people just have no sympathy when it comes to the disease of addiction? Yes, some people get clean but many don't even if they really want to.

Amy was in and out of rehab three times, despite the picture her famous "Rehab" song painted of her as the "no no no" girl who would never seek help. Her tortured soul and heart were crushed by alcohol and drug addiction and unfortunately death proved the only was out of that prison for her.

When a person seeks help for addiction one of the first things they are led to do is to remove themselves from the situation and the people that are supporting their disease. In the case of Amy Winehouse and many other celebrities, there are just as many who profit from them staying sick and addicted as those who see them out of their nightmare.

A terrible waste of a life and a talent.

Amy Winehouse September 14, 1983- July 23, 2011

Deepest condolences to Amy's family.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is a crack in everything,that's how the light gets in

It is not always easy to be the bigger person. It's a struggle for me sometimes. Even when my intuition and heart tell me to be beyond other people's negativity, I sometimes find myself wanting to "strike back". Thankfully, I am coming to the realization that by giving into their negativity I give them the power while making myself feel weak, angry and helpless. So I'll keep my mojo by saying screw it. I'm happy. I truly am sorry if you're not but you're not taking me with you. That being said- one of my favorite song lyrics.."There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." has been inspiring me lately. It reminds me not to let others emptiness get to me and not to become a part of it myself. There are bigger things going on in the world. Leonard Cohen's Anthem.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pop-Start-Day 39- The Beatles

Tomorrow I am planning a one day trip to the home of my youth. Strawberry Point, Iowa. Strawberry Days Festival is going to be underway starting tonight. I haven't been back for the festival for, oh wow 16 years or so. I am holding back and not going until tomorrow as my liver can't handle 2 days of the beer that is inevitably a part of this weekend. There is more than boozing it up that occurs, however. There is a VFW breakfast that my Dad works at yearly. It is pretty good as I remember and we should always support our veterans of war. There is, of course, the parade and the strawberries and ice cream. Yes, I grew up in Mayberry. I have to say I am proud of it too. There are worse places to be than a town full of people who would give you the shirt off their backs. Now don't get me wrong there is plenty of the he said-she said- he did-SHE DIDN'T stuff but for the most part this a was an amazing place to grow up and a great place to go back and visit.

A friend of mine from my Chicago days often sang Strawberry fields forever... whenever I walked in the room. It always made me smile, I have to say.

Monday, May 24, 2010


There are some songs that just resonate with a person for one reason or another. The song SUMMERTIME sung by ELLA FITZGERALD has always hit a chord in me that I can't describe. As today is going to get steamy hot-which, by the way, I love- the song starting playing through my morning as I drank my coffee and began to plan everything I had to get done today. Sometimes we really need to listen to our inner voice and mine is telling me Summertime and the livin is easy.... Maybe I should listen at least for a few hours today. I do have some lemons screaming to be made into lemonade. Happy Summer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pop-Start-DAY 37- NIRVANA

I don't know about you but all this facebook stuff and reconnecting with old friends is a little disconcerting sometimes. High-school friends which you assume you will never see again save for every 5 to 20 years at a reunion are all of the sudden a part of your weekly if not daily or hourly, in some cases, life. It is wonderful in some ways and I truly do enjoy knowing they are leading happy and well adjusted lives, considering what we could have turned out to be. However, it hasn't stopped at facebook. All of the sudden I am having dreams of doing the Viennese waltz with a classmate to the applause of hundreds. (No, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars) I have always believed life brings people in and out of your life for a reason. Is facebook messing with destiny or is destiny truly an unruly child playing a massive joke on us all? My class had two class songs with dueling personalities also. Yesterday- Boys 2 Men and, of course, SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT- NIRVANA

Thursday, May 6, 2010


My husband and I are coming up on our 5th wedding anniversary in a week. Thinking back to when we first dated in 1993 I see how far we have come. I was 18 immature and insecure. He was the normal selfish 21 year old. We traded our "power" back and forth- who was in control at the moment. Drama. Hot and cold which led to on and off for a few years. I remember wishing I could cast a spell of some sort. Voodoo him into being exactly who I wanted him to be. Come to think of it maybe I did cast some sort of love spell or maybe he did because I have to say we have it pretty good. We may not be exactly the person the other would want us to be at every given moment but hey... he's mine. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU- NINA SIMONE