Friday, February 3, 2012

Ani DiFranco: She's Back And She's Ready To Roar

She's alive! Ani!!! Ani DiFranco, who has been known as one of the more powerful artistic voices for a generation of now 30 to 40 something women and (secure)men, is back! The release of her recent album, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?, has critics unlocking their heavily furrowed brows. She has had a less-than-stellar reception of most of her post 90's work up until now but that didn't stop her. Thankfully, Ani has something to say and a voice that people like to hear saying whatever that may be at present.

After spending a good portion of the last hour avoiding any work and listening to Ani's album I have to say I give it a huge....YES!

To read and hear more check out NPR's report on Ani DiFranco's new album:

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  1. LadyLaurie
    Welcome back I liked Ani DiFranco- a change of pace!