Thursday, April 1, 2010


You know I would hate to come across as preachy because I have a long way to go on my own path. However, there are some things I can't help but speak out about. I live in a supposedly open minded and liberal community-Yet there are astronomically disproportionate amounts of minority kids in " the system" as compared to white kids. This isn't unlike most of the country. Don't be disillusioned. It's not that more minority kids are committing the crimes it's just that they are the only ones being sought out and punished for them. Trust me the white kids are doing the same thing. However, they often receive a slap on the wrist while the minority kids are shoved into the juvenile system. It makes me think about how terrible it feels to be misjudged. It feels rotten. That pit in your stomach. You feel powerless to change peoples opinion of you. Imagine that pit in your stomach being a seemingly permanent part of your world. Ladies clutching their purses when you happen to be within 5 feet. Someone seeing you and all of the sudden remembering they should lock their car! When people are constantly telling you that you are a certain way you might just eventually say forget it. I'm getting blamed whether I do it or not so.... Don't get me wrong, people have a responsiblity to themselves to choose the better path but it's a little easier to find that path when people put up accurate signs rather than misleading curves. I am tired of people saying they are loving and open minded people and then proving the opposite in the very way they live and judge others. We all need to start taking a look inward.

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