Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well... we, my son and I, were out in our yard watering flowers with my new watering can when I realized I needed to give the the whole lot of my plants a good splash so I headed for the shed to get the hose. Of course, my husband stuck the hose in the back of the shed again so I had to work myself past our bikes, the lawn mower and all the other crap in there. Well, as I am bending over to work the hose free from the rake the shed goes suddenly dark. grrr. i tell Elijah all the time "don't shut the door when mommy is in here". Well.. he didn't just shut the door. He THREW THE LATCH TOO! I am locked in my shed! My just turned 3 yr old is outside ALONE. I am locked in my shed which on an 82 degree day felt like about 105 in a matter of minutes. Don't panic I tell myself. I calmly tell him to unhitch the door. What, he says. UNLOCK THE DOOR. I don't know how, he said. DO YOU KNOW HOW YOU SHUT THE DOOR? yes, he says. THEN DO THE OPPOSITE, NOOOOOOWWWW! I may have even let a bleepin word slip out. Ok, I did for sure. Mind you I have rarely even let a damn slip out in front of my son in 3 years... Ok to make a long story short 5 minutes later, which felt like 5 days, I finally calm myself enough to tell him to look at me through the crack in the door and to listen. "my darling, Elijah, will you reach right here(i stuck a key through the crack to point to the latch..and yes I see the irony of the key on this side of the door) and just push it the other way.Ok, he says. That simple. The door creaks open and I AM FREE! He on the other hand is not. I had a 5 minute conversation with him that probably felt more heated than my time in the "hole". anyway, as I sit here thinking about the whole thing trying not to have yet another panic attack I am realizing that 3 yr olds don't respond well to panic. Next time he accidentally locks me in a shed (or bathroom or what may come) I just need to remember to take a breath or wear big boots so I can kick down the bleepin DOOR! Well this song resembles the emotion I felt taking my first breath of outside air after my terrifying all be it short fiasco in the shed. FEELING GOOD-NINA SIMONE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJA69C6SlRk

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