Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pop- Start- DAY 4- BEN E. KING

Hey it's Saturday- leave me alone. I am a little late. Anyhoo- tonight I karaoke in the finals and I need you to send me your energy cause momma needs to pay some bills:) In honor of your standing by me, my friends, I will be doing Ben. E. King's STAND BY ME. I have a long running love of this song as my sister and I used to sing ourselves to sleep with this song as kids. Drove my dad absolutely bonkers with it. I'd always make my poor sis do the "bum, bum, bum" part. As adults we have staggered down a few streets belting it out after one too many vodkas. I still make her do the bum, bum, bum part. I should be playing Wind Beneath My Wings for you. NAH. Here is the 1961 song STAND BY ME. Enjoy- I know I do.

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